Event - 50th Anniversary Mass

23 April 2018

On Monday 23rd April 2018, we commenced St Gerard's Primary School Golden Jubilee celebrations.

We started the day with a beautiful mass that coincided with the feast day of St George, England's patron saint and a man who died for his faith.

For 50 years, St Gerard's School has been a place of love and learning inspired by St Gerard Majella and guided by the teachings of Jesus. We welcomed Bishop Byrne and Fr Gerry who celebrated the mass with us.

Afterwards, we returned to school for refreshments which gave our visitors a great opportunity to reminisce about their memories of St Gerard's School.

During the afternoon, each class took suggestions from the children on how they would like to celebrate the day. The activities included party games, art projects, a quiz, dancing, sports and a picnic. Later this term we will be holding further events to mark this special occasion for our school.

Year 6 ambassadors greeted visitors.
Mrs Buck with Mr George and Mr Hird.

Bishop Byrne with Head Teachers of St Gerard's.
Guests were invited into to school for refreshments.

A great opportunity to reminisce about the last 50 years!
In nursery, we played party games.

SpiReception class held an indoor picnic.
Children from Year 1 made a colourful 50th birthday card.

SYear 2 sang 'Happy Birthday' to our school.
Year 3 made a display with 50 paper flowers.

upils from Year 4 completed a 'How well do you know your school' quiz.
Year 5 made a display with 50 painted handprints.

Year 6 played a game of 'House Saints' rounders during the afternoon.