Event - Alton Castle Retreat Day

10 March 2017

The children of Year 3 visited Alton Castle for a retreat to help prepare them for receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion in June.

We were greeted by the team, led by Claire into the Pugin room which is named after Augustus Pugin, an English architect who designed many churches in England, Ireland and Australia. Claire explained the day ahead to us and the children were very excited to see more of Alton Castle.

Everyone participated in team building games, supporting one another, making the right decisions proving that working together makes everything easier than going it alone.

We were able to share moments of reflection and meditation with Scripture readings and hymns sung to show our appreciation as we grow when we receive, therefore the more we receive in Christ the greater we will grow.

We all had a very moving, thoughtful day growing together in Christ.

All activities were set around this beautiful building.
After our coach journey we were excited to enter Alton Castle.

In the Discovery Centre.
Through relaying instructions to their team members they were successful in placing the ball in to the bucket at the ending of the row.

Yea! The moment the ball fell in the bucket. Well done.
We learnt the actions to a fabulous hymn.

The chosen reading of the day, reflects the same reading we will share on our special day together in June.
We were taught some new signing for a hymn that we could sing together.

This was one of the seven signs the children found on their treasure hunt.
In the reflection room, discussing our findings whilst on our treasure hunt.