Event - Years 5 and 6 Alton Castle Residential

27 to 29 March 2019

On arriving at Alton Castle, we worked in small teams to explore the castle grounds on a scavenger hunt. After lunch, we met the enthusiastic Alton Castle team and commenced our first activity.

The theme of our retreat was discipleship, reminding us how we are followers of Jesus and how we can bring Jesus into our lives. We considered ways in which we can behave – praying, sharing, singing, putting others first and making each other proud.

During the first evening, we completed a trust challenge in total darkness on the ‘Nightline’. Followed by a visit to the games room and tuck shop.

After a hearty breakfast, we were ready for various activities such as rock climbing, trekking, survival skills, biking and archery. Within each activity, we made the time for a short mediation session to thank God for our gifts.

On the final evening, we attended mass at the beautiful St John the Baptist Chapel. Children from St Gerard’s read the bidding prayers with great confidence and all pupils were a credit to our school.

Lauren commented, "I found the biking really hard but with support I managed to persevere."

"The morning and evening prayers were beautiful because I could reflect on the day," said Divine.

A beautiful day to arrive at Alton Castle, which was built in 1847.
Our first activity was a scavenger hunt.

We used our map reading skills to find clues.
Working as a team was important to succeed.

Exploring the castle grounds.
Conquering our fears in the Discovery Centre.

Our partner worked as the belayer.
Discussing the meaning of the Ten Commandments.

Time to catch up with our friends.
We definitely worked up an appetite.

We worked in small groups to complete the ‘Nightline’ in total darkness.
After hot chocolate and prayers, it was time for bed.

Early morning game of football.
Can I get a bull’s eye?

Improving our archery skills.
The bike ride was very challenging.

Our bike ride covered 8.5km, a lot of the route was uphill!
We made a fire using flint, then toasted marshmallows.

Making a waterproof shelter.
The castle on the hill.

Trekking around Alton.
We might need a shower tonight!

Walking to the top of Toot Hill.
Admiring the amazing view.

It’s definitely more fun to roll down the hill.
Evening Mass at St John the Baptist Chapel, Alton.

A game of bucket ball.
Games room in the dungeon.

Enjoying our free time.
A big thank you to all the team at Alton Castle.