Event - Alton Castle Residential

27 to 29 March 2017

Children in Years 5 and 6 began our trip with a short stay at Alton Village Hall after our coach journey up through the countryside. Here the children ate their lunch and enjoyed the vast amount of land and freedom on an open field away from the hustle and bustle of Castle Vale.

We were blessed with the weather, enabling the children to spend time on the playground and participate in team games such as football and rounders. Afterwards, we held a short prayer service, led by Mrs Foley and supported by some of the pupils in Year 5. A perfect way to prepare for the special retreat.

The theme for the retreat at Alton Castle was discipleship, teaching the children how we are followers of Jesus and how we can bring Jesus into our lives. We considered ways in which we can behave - praying, sharing, putting others first and making each other proud.

On the first evening, after our meal in the magnificent Castle, we took part in ice breaker games and activities involving bucket ball, trust games, a tour of the grounds and open prayer. The children also had the opportunity to reflect on discipleship and designed a group contract.

Throughout the residential, the children took part in exciting activities such as: archery, rock climbing, biking, trekking, survival and an adventure course. They were challenged with their activities and showed perseverance and determination throughout. In their free time pupils were able to relax, play pool or get that much needed shower - especially after the muddy walks!

The retreat concluded with a night time mass and party games, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The evening prayer was a very calming end to the day and children grew in confidence during this meditation and put God's will into action. Reflecting on the main theme of discipleship, the children continuously behaved in an impeccable manner, showing all the attributes of an apostle. A credit to the parents and the staff, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone.

Thank you again to all the staff who gave up their time to provide the children with this wonderful experience.

Alton Castle.
All of us together.

A successful hut built!
All set for the bike ride.

Archery in action.
A successful climb up the hills.

Boys playing pool in the evening.
Dance off between the boys and girls. Guess who won?

Enjoying a hot chocolate in the dining room.
Boys playing football.

Prayer at Alton Village Hall.
Girls collecting items for the prayer service.

Inside the Church at Alton Castle.
Group meditation half way through the activity.

Girls having fun on the playground.
Making a camp fire.

Map reading skills before the trek.
Taking a break near the caves.

Ready to roll down the hillside!
Team building activities.

Rock climbing.
Safety equipment on and ready to climb.

Rounders match.
Survival - making a waterproof hut.

We have our tribal paint on!
Time for a selfie.