Event - Art and Design Week

17 September 2018

Children from across the school worked on the theme of 'portraits' during our Art Week to cultivate creativity. They worked on developing technical and observational skills to improve their artwork.

Each class considered their likes and dislikes, self-identity and how feelings can be represented through art and design. Children used a variety of resources to create their work.

The children really enjoyed investigating this topic and we have some amazing pieces of artwork from talented children. At the end of the week, we joined together to share our work and thank God for our many talents.

Please look out for displays around the school and an art portfolio is available for you to view in the reception area.

Reception children practised mixing skin tones colours.
A colourful display by Reception class.

In Year 1, we have been mixing pastels to make portraits.
Children in Year 2 have used shading to create a self-portrait in pencil.

Year 3 class used clay to model their self-portrait.
Children from Year 4 used face paints to show different emotions.

Year 4 'Emotions' display.
Year 5 thought about how different colours and lines can show emotion.

By using a mirror, Year 6 used different art techniques to create their portrait.
The whole school shared their work and explained the new skills they had learnt.