Event - Reception trip to Ash End Farm

9 December 2016

On Friday 9th December, reception class had their winter trip to Ash End Farm. It was a wonderful day.

Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by the staff and taken on a surprise visit to see a falconry display. There were plenty of different types of birds of prey, we were introduced to 'Icky', a stunning barn owl. We learnt lots of facts about her and the most amazing one is that she has such big eyes, she can't move them, so in order to see properly she has to turn her head. She can turn it three quarters of the way round! When we tried it, we realised how amazing that was. As she spends a lot of time pruning her feathers and they are very delicate, we were not able to touch her. Next she flew onto some of the children's arms to eat a treat. It was fantastic to see her wing span and how clever she was!

After lunch we were given a tour of the rest of the farm with farmer Marsha. We were able to feed the sheep, goats and got to sing 'Happy Hatch Day' to a newly born chick. The other chicks were so soft and fluffy, but we remembered to be very gentle. We also got to see the pigs, rabbits and horses.

We travelled to the old barn, to see Santa's sleigh and his reindeer, whispering our messages to them as we walked past. Rudolph will only have his red nose when it's Christmas Eve. Looking around the barn, we could see the workshop and that the elves had been getting up to mischief!

Framer Marsha dressed us up in the stable and we then retold the Nativity story, with help from Mandy the donkey. Mary got to ride on the donkey and the shepherds and wise men brought presents to baby Jesus. We sang Christmas carols and rang bells! It really got us into the Christmas spirit. We even spontaneously sang some of our own Nativity songs.

Afterwards, we followed a secret path to find Santa's Grotto. It was such a magical place. We knocked on the door and he was in! He spoke to us all and gave everyone a special present and badge. We had all been very good.

It the end of the day, we had enough time to enjoy the playground before returning to school. A truly magical day for everyone.

Arriving at the farm.
Feeding the goats.

Feeding grain to the sheep.
Stroking a new born chick.

Visiting Mandy the donkey in a stable.
Mary, Joseph and the shepherds retelling the nativity story.

Jingle bells!
A special visit to meet Santa in his grotto.

We visited the adventure playground.
Having a great day together.

Learning about a barn owl.
Waving to the animals.