Event - Years 5 and 6 Basketball Competition

16 January 2020

On the 16th January, nine children from Years 5 and 6 competed in a basketball tournament at Greenwood Academy. The team played alongside seven other schools and first faced three games against different primary schools. Out of those three games, they won two.

The team quickly realised the importance of teamwork, determination and tactics!

Next, they faced a game, which could lead them into playing for Gold/Silver or Bronze/fourth position. The team played extremely well and used all of their determination but sadly lost 2-1. Afterwards, played for the bronze award, putting all their energy into the game and again sadly lost by one point.

The team were not too disheartened as they placed fourth overall out of eight schools and were actually very proud of themselves.

A fantastic tournament of which nine young people discovered a passion for basketball.