Event - Big Schools' Birdwatch

1 February 2016

This year the School Council have taken part in the Big Schools' Garden Birdwatch for the second year running. This started nationally as a children's activity in 1979. Over half a million people take part every year and we are proud to be part of it.

We registered our interest and downloaded the information pack. During our meetings we familiarised ourselves with the different types of birds ready for the big day.

On Monday 1st February, armed with binoculars and clip boards we set off around the school grounds to carry out our survey. As an avid birdwatcher, Mr Hird joined us to offer his valuable expertise. We each surveyed the skies and neighbouring rooftops and hedgerows and pointed out different species to our friends. It was a very enjoyable morning and lots of birds were spotted including house sparrows whose numbers are diminishing.

After our morning out we collated our results and submitted them to the RSPB who will shortly be publishing national results. We eagerly await this and our certificate of participation.

School Council familiarising themselves with the species of birds.
Keen birdwatchers scouring the skies.

What have we spotted here?
On the hunt for more birds. A robin has been spotted in the hedgerow.

School Council checking for more birds.
Recording our results and searching for more.

Collating our results before submitting them to RSPB.