Event - RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch

30 January 2017

For the third year running, St. Gerard's School Council have participated in a national scheme called the RSPB Big School Garden Birdwatch. The survey helps to build a picture of garden wildlife across the U.K. Last year more than 519,000 people all over the country took part.

Using binoculars, we viewed different types of birds around the school grounds. Mr Hird was a great source of knowledge as he is an avid bird watcher. We recorded our results on a fact sheet.

We had a great time learning about the different colours and markings on the birds that we found.

The following day at our weekly School Council meeting, we collated our results ready to be submitted online. With these results the RSPB can spot problems in bird population and more importantly, they can consider how to put things right if necessary.

Mr Hird told us interesting facts about birds.
We were very surprised by the range of birds that we saw.

We could clearly see the red breast of a robin.
We also saw three lesser black-backed gulls.

We recorded our results.
School Council scouring the skies.

We discussed our findings.
We watched various birds gracefully swoop and glide over our school.

With these powerful binoculars we could see very detailed markings.
Looking for wildlife in Kate's garden.