Event - Big School Bird Watch

29 January 2018

The RSPB Big School Garden Birdwatch is a national scheme to help build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK.

Prior to the event, Year 2 Outdoor learning groups made bird feeders and pine cone feeders with lard, raisins and seeds. It was a messy activity but a great way to encourage birds to our local area.

Then on 29th January 2018, School Council and Eco Club joined forces to undertake the survey around the school grounds.

We had a great time learning about the different colours and markings on the birds that we found. The following day at our weekly School Council meeting, we collated our results ready to be submitted online.

With these results, the RSPB can spot problems in bird population and more importantly, they can consider how to put things right if necessary. Species numbers have been declining in recent years but with conservation work, we can all nurture their recovery.

Eco Club and School Council ready to undertake the Big Schools Birdwatch.
Year 2 - Outdoor Learning group, 'Hedgehogs' made bird feeders.

Year 2 - 'Frogs' group made lardy balls to entice the birds.
We marked off the different species that we observed.

I can see a Starling.
Looking in the hedgerows around Katie's garden.

Did you know that a chaffinch has grey on its head with black and white wings?
We recorded our results.

The range of birds that we could see in an urban area surprised us.
We thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity.