Event - Year 6 at Cadbury World

11 October 2016

Year 6 visited Cadbury World as part of their history topic on the Mayan civilisation.

Firstly, we attended a talk on the Mayans by a Mayan specialist. We found out lots of interesting facts like; the stairs to the pyramid of Chichen Itza add up to 365 days, the Mayan ball game (po a tok) is played using anything but hands and feet. The losing team would be sacrificed to the gods!

He talked about the hierarchy of the Mayan civilisation, the masks and their clothing. Some children were given the opportunity to try on typical Mayan clothes and headdresses.

We then went into the Cadbury museum where we learnt about the history of the Cadbury empire and the birth of Cadbury chocolate. A tour of the factory showed how the chocolate was made and we even got to taste some!

After that we went into the 4D cinema which gave us a fun recap on its history which we found fascinating and most enjoyable.

All in all, a fun and informative day which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Our talk on the Mayans.
Examples of recordings in the codices.

A replica codices which was used to record events.
The Cadbury brothers' first shop.

Typical Mayan calendar.
Typical Mayan clothing and headdress.

Tasting the chocolate!