Event - Year 6 at Cadbury World

15 November 2017

As part of our history topic on Mayan civilisation, Year 6 visited Cadbury World in Birmingham. In the Cadbury Museum, we learnt about the history of chocolate and the Cadbury Empire. The tour of the factory was fascinating as it showed us how chocolate is created and we even got the chance to taste some!

Next, we visited the 4D cinema which gave us a recap on the Cadbury history and we viewed past advertising campaigns.

During a talk by a Mayan specialist, we discovered lots of interesting facts like; the stairs to the pyramid of Chicen Itza add up to 365 days, the Mayan ball game (po a tok) is played using anything but hands and feet. The losing team would be sacrificed to the gods!

"It was awesome because I found out about the history of Cadbury's chocolate," commented Lewis.

"I learnt a lot of facts such as; there is 40 beans in one cocoa pod." said Vasey.

Ellie-Mae said, "You can find cocoa beans in lots of different countries near the equator."

Ready to start our day!
Learning about the factory.

Looking at the Mayan calendar.
Typical Mayan masks.

Learning all about the Mayan civilisation.
We took a tour of the factory.

How chocolate is mounded during production.
Origins of the Cadbury Empire.

Lots of chocolate to enjoy.
After lunch in play area.