Event - Carol Service

19 December 2017

As part of our whole school Christmas celebrations, we joined together to prepare for the coming of Jesus and remind ourselves of the real meaning of Christmas.

For several weeks, the children have been practising the songs and actions for our evening performance. With children also accompanying the singing on guitars and recorders.

Thank you for coming out to watch the children and joining us in our preparation for Christmas. On behalf of our school and Parish Community, we wish you a peaceful and Holy Christmas.

Bless us Lord this Christmas with peace that passes all understanding,
joy that is beyond all material possessions,
love that knows no end and strength
that comes from our faith in you.

Introduction to our Carol Concert.
A reading from the Prophet Isaiah.

Guitar and recorders joined in.
Singing a song called 'Journeys.'

God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth.
We sang 'O little town of Bethlehem.'

Far away to the east, some wise men had noticed a special star.
A great round of applause for the children.