Event - The Choir at Symphony Hall

8 February 2016

On Monday 8th February the choir attended a performance of The Junior Prom at The Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

After our very wet walk across the centre of town we settled in our seats high up in auditorium to enjoy and participate in the performance.

The first group to perform played viols of different sizes. These instruments are similar to violins and cellos but are held tightly between the knees to be played. We found out that the strings were made from sheep gut!

The next performers played the marimba. They played a duet from memory and had four beaters each.

We then saw a group from London who sang and beat boxed. We also learnt to beat box, each part of the auditorium had a different rhythm to say to make a complete piece. We certainly weren't as good as the beatboxer we saw who had come third in the World Championships.

The final group were a brass band who performed two rousing tunes and were even conducted by a member of the audience.

We all certainly enjoyed the experience and perhaps have found another musical activity we would like to try.