Event - Cinderella Rockerfella

12 July 2017

Two people from different worlds meet their match. They know they are destined to be together.

Cinders, a solitary girl living in isolation, is mistreated by a horrendous looking duo (the ugly sisters). Her life is then flipped upside down when her luck comes in and she meets the love of her life, Rocky.

But one evil fairy had a cunning plan to stop this cosy romance. Rocky is a well-known rock star who wants an ordinary life and to be free to escape his living nightmare. On his important quest he receives help from the kind fairies.

Will they live happily ever after?

by Alessha and Rana, Year 6

Cinders and Rocky.
Anastasia and Augustina, the ugly sisters.

Teaser and Buttons.
Townspeople and Town crier.

Costume designer.
Programmer Seller and First Class Male.


Magazine reporter and Rocky's PR.

Rocky's fans.
Talent show acts.

Offstage Inspector.
Cue card girls.

Madam Bunn Le Baker and the bakers.
Danny Deeny.

Fairy Nasty Boots and Naughty Kitty.
Cinderella's animals.

Warm up people.

Fairy Godmother and fairy brigade.
The finale!