Event - Circuit Challenge

21 March 2018

As part of our Lenten fundraising, we held a sponsored Circuit Challenge within school. Each class took part and recorded the number of repetitions they completed with their partner against the clock.

Activities included the air walker, seated pull, leg press, dip bars within our permanent gym area, as well as shuttle runs, hoop jumps, and ball bounces on the playground.

We were very lucky that the sun shone for us and everyone had an enjoyable time during the sponsored event.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us by raising money for our chosen charities. We will let you know the final total raised in due course.

Children from nursery completed an indoor obstacle course.
Reception class practised their co-ordination skills.

Year 1 worked with a partner.
Year 1 recorded the number of repetitions on the air walker.

Year 2 completed the shuttle runs with ease.
Year 4 found the seated push difficult.

WeCounting hoop jumps in Year 4.
Year 5 need good balance for the cross trainer.

Sit-ups with Year 5.
Showing good concentration in Year 6.

Year 6 found the seated push was tricky.