Event - Commonwealth Games Event

11 June 2018

On Monday 11th June, we took part in a Commonwealth Games Sports event at Erdington Academy (Kingsbury Schools Sports Partnership).

Each participating school represented a commonwealth country (ours being Montserrat). Two children from each school processed to the stage with their flag and baton.

During the opening ceremony, we were pleased to be introduced to lots of important guests. The first guest was Dominick Cunningham. He is a British artistic gymnast who won a team gold at the Commonwealth Games. We were then introduced to the new Lord Mayor, Yvonne Mosquito, who officially opened the event.

The day consisted of an array of activities; tri-golf, archery, fencing, parachute games, dance, handball and tag rugby. Years 5 and 6 competed together, as did Years 3 and 4. We all met up again for lunch and continued with our afternoon of further activities.

The day culminated in a closing awards ceremony where we all celebrated the day's achievements.

Overall, we had a very active and fun day trying lots of different sporting activities.

Kiera said, "My favourite activity was trying the fencing with my friends."

"I competed against other schools in tag rugby and handball," commented Megan.

"I saw an Olympic gold medallist, Dominick Cunningham do front flips over the top of people and even a back flip off the stage," said Rubie.

The opening ceremony by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.
Opening ceremony with Dominick Cunningham, gymnast.

Dominick doing a backflip over staff.
The rules of domino golf being explained.

Ready for fencing.
Fencing competition in action.

Having a go at archery.
Participating in a dance activity.

Joining together for parachute games.
After lunch, we were ready for the next competition.

Years 3 and 4 waiting for tri-golf activity.
Enjoying tag rugby.

Practising golf skills.
End of tournament group photo.