Event - First Holy Communion

16 June 2018

Children in Year 3 have prepared to receive two Sacraments; Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

The class read the story of Jesus' Last Supper and how he took some bread and wine, blessed it and gave it to his disciples, telling them it was his body and blood.

In the readings of the Holy Communion Mass, the children heard the story of the first Holy Communion that Jesus shared with his disciples and the story of the miracle of the loaves and fishes when Jesus fed a crowd of people who had come to see and listen to him. Through prayer and discussion, the children realise that every Mass is a celebration of Jesus' death and resurrection.

On Monday during assembly, the First Holy Communion children were thanked praised for their lovely, prayerful Mass.

Eathen said, "I am grateful that I can receive Holy Communion."

"I felt blessed on this special day," commented Maddison.