Event - Confirmation

18 October 2017

On the evening of Wednesday 18th October 2017, the school community joined together as one at St Gerard's Church to witness the Year 6 confirmandi become full members of the Church through the sacrament of confirmation. We were extremely privileged to have Bishop Robert Byrne as main celebrant on this momentous occasion for twenty-four of our Year 6 children.

The preparation began with a meeting for parents with Mrs Buck and Mr Crehan, where they were given the opportunity to find out more about the sacrament itself and then to discuss the programme which their children would follow.

This was followed by a Mass of Commitment which was prepared for and led by the children along with the parish community. This showed that both parents and confirmandi were committed to take on the responsibilities placed before them. Photographs of the children were displayed in the church so that members of the parish knew who they were praying for.

After many months of preparation, all of the children received the Sacrament with thought and reverence, and were a credit to both their families and St Gerard's school. The readings were carried out in a very prayerful manner and the singing was outstanding.

During the ceremony, the Bishop called down the Holy Spirit to be with the children and to guide them on their journeys of faith. We pray that their commitment to the church will continue to grow, so that they may be witnesses of God's eternal love throughout the world.

After Communion Year 6 beautifully sang 'Come Holy Spirit.'

Children from Year 6 said:

"During my Confirmation I was shaking and as soon as I was Confirmed I stopped shaking. I think the Holy Spirit took away my fear." Nancy

"I felt very pleased with my friends because they took another step forward on their journey of faith. I feel special because I got to witness a miracle that is very rare to see." Tyannah.

"When I made my Confirmation, I felt the Holy Spirit come down on me. Now I have the Holy Spirit, I feel like I can spread the word even more." Sophie

The First Reading.
Classroom display of some of our preparation work.

Children presented a special offertory.
The Year 6 display in church.

Year 5 led the wonderful singing during the Mass.
Year 6 children with Bishop Robert Byrne and Fr Soji.

Well done to the children, parents and sponsors of Year 6.
We thank Bishop Robert Byrne for celebrating this sacrament with us today.