Event - Year 3's Stone Age Day at Conkers

11 October 2019

As part of our History topic, we visited Conkers for a Stone Age day.

We started the day by travelling on the Conkerchoo train to the Discovery centre, to explore the exhibits there. We looked at various different stations including: all about leaves, a bat cave with slide and we even listened like a bat!

After arriving back to Waterside, again on the train, we entered the amphitheatre to meet Claw the caveman! He gave us all Stone Age inspired names and answered all our questions.

Shortly after this, we visited the grain room. Here we tried to make our own flour using Stone Age and Roman methods, to compare which was more effective.

After lunch, our next workshop was all about trading in the Stone Age. We learnt about what they could trade with other tribes and how hard it was since they would not be speaking the same language. Next, we had a go ourselves, we tried to trade a rock for animal skin without talking, and we found this was a challenge!

Before setting off back to school, we also discovered all about farming, weapons and religion in the Stone Age and were able to compare them all to today. What a wonderful and informative day we had!