Event - Cooking Club

9 April 2019

The aim of cooking club is to introduce healthy eating to children by introducing new nutritious foods and adopting healthy eating habits in school and at home. Each week, children learnt new preparation and cooking skills to improve their confidence.

The course commenced with understanding the importance of food hygiene and kitchen safety. Next, by following the instructions of a recipe we measured, chopped, peeled and weighed ingredients accurately.

Children gained new confidence in the kitchen and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

"I enjoyed eating our food."

"Working as a big team was best."

"I tried new foods like feta cheese and spicy sauce."

We learnt how to use scales correctly to weigh ingredients.
Rock cakes in a pot to cook at home.

Careful chopping and slicing.
A wonderful array of healthy fresh ingredients for our recipe.

After adding boiling water our ‘top noodles’ were ready.
We encouraged each other to try new foods.

Mixing the ingredients for flat breads.
Cooking Mulligatawny soup.

Warm flatbreads straight out of the oven.
The tasks were split between the group.

Each child chose different items to make up their salad.
We know food hygiene is important.

Preparing the biryani.
The chicken biryani smelt and tasted wonderful.

We also made Boston beans with chorizo.
The best part was eating our own food!