Event - School Council at the Council House

25 February 2016

On Thursday 25th February our School Council visited the Council House. This was an educational visit to show our children how their roles as representatives of their peers were emulated by adults who represented the people living in their city. We travelled into Birmingham by bus and walked across town to the Council House.

On passing through town the children saw the new trams that were running and stopped for a photo! On entering the Council House we were greeted by a representative of the Lord Mayor who escorted us into the Lord Mayor's chamber to await his arrival. We were then summoned to his office where the current Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Raymond Hassall, met with us in his private office. He talked to the children about his role as Lord Mayor and what it involved.

The children were then able to ask questions. The Lord Mayor also told about the history of the contents of his room and showed us the visitors book which contained lots of famous signatures. It was quite clear he was a busy man as his aid came for him and so at that point we had our photo with him, which he was glad to do. Before leaving, he presented each child with a souvenir pin displaying the crest of Birmingham and his business card. The children were all delighted.

The Lord Mayor's representative then took us on a tour of the Council House. She first showed us the gallery which hosts pictures of past Lord Mayors. It also holds gifts given to Birmingham by visitors to the city. During our tour we came across the glass corridor which leads directly into the Art Museum. This was significantly colder than the rest of the Council House as it is completely glass. The children were then led into the voting chamber where they were allowed to take the seat of local councillors. As the technicians were present they zoomed in on the children and they appeared on the big screen much to their delight.

We were allowed to take the seat of the Lord Mayor in the chamber too!! After our tour we were lead back to the Lord Mayor's chamber where we ate our lunch and had the squash and biscuits provided. We then headed back to school to tell everyone about our incredibly informative day. All the children were a credit to our school and we were very proud of them.

On our way into Birmingham to meet the Lord Mayor.
School Council in the Lord Mayor's Chamber waiting to be introduced.

Visitors to the Lord Mayor sign this book. Look who signed it in their Diamond Jubilee Year!
Chair of our School Council taking the Lord Mayor's chair.

Holding the Lord Mayor's chain. It is very heavy!!
Our School Council in the glass corridor.

All the gifts received by previous Lord Mayors from visitors to the Council House.
Famous at last on the big screen!

Photo shoot with the Lord Mayor, Councillor Raymond Hassall.
School Councillor wearing the special pin given by the Lord Mayor.

All the past Lord Mayors.
Eco club members visiting the School Council.