Event - School Council at the Council House

20 June 2018

We visited the Lord Mayor, Yvonne Mosquito, to talk to her about her role as the new Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

She answered many of our questions and said that if we wanted to achieve our goals the key to this was reading. We were told many wonderful facts, such as; Mrs Mosquito is only the ninth female Lord Mayor of Birmingham. The golden chain that she wears around her neck dates back to the first Lord Mayor in 1838. A gold plate was added every year with the name of the new Lord Mayor until a very clever Lord Mayor just added a notebook for their names inside the a gold pendant.

Her talk was quite inspirational and one quote we particularly remember is when she said, "There is only one race, the human race".

Next, we were lucky enough to visit the Birmingham Art Museum where Dippy the Dinosaur is on tour from the Natural History Museum in London. We learnt that Dippy's long thin tail was used to whip predators, as well as this, we found out that he measured 26 foot long and also had an incredible 292 bones! He became extinct over 155 million years ago. In fact, he was a herbivore (he will only eat plants), so we don't need to worry about him eating us!

by Kieran and Megan, Year 6

Viewing the gifts donated to the City of Birmingham.
Photographs of all the previous Lord Mayors line the corridor.

School Council members with the Lord Mayor, Yvonne Mosquito.
Lord Mayor's Parlour with ceremonial robes.

Originally, the chandeliers were powered by gas.
This is the 'Names Room'.

The Lord Mayor's chair in the Voting Chamber.
The Voting Chamber.

Important guests who meet the Lord Mayor sign the visitors' book.
Studying the skeleton helps us to understand how extinct creatures are related to each other.

Understanding facts about dinosaurs.
'Dippy on Tour'.

Although they may look different, dinosaurs and birds share many features.
Birds have retained many traits inherited from their dinosaur ancestors.

School Council with Dippy.