Event - Disability Awareness Workshop

16 March 2020

We had a very special visit from John McCorkell to raise awareness of those with disabilities.

We began the day with a whole school assembly, where John explained how he suffers from a condition called Cerebral Palsy affecting his mobility. He showed us how he gets around using his crutches or his wheelchair and he explained how he drives a specially modified car with hand controls.

He went on to say that those who suffer with different disabilities should be treated no more or no less than anyone else - we should all be treated as equals. He shared his love of sport and his passion for basketball and talked about how everyone can achieve their goal if they show determination and courage.

Later in the day, each class took part in a disability workshop, exploring what difficulties those with disabilities have to overcome each day. The children had to try and communicate without speaking, discover and describe objects while blindfolded and even use John’s wheelchair to collect items from around the hall. At the end of the workshops, we were reminded through prayer that we are all unique and we are all perfect in God’s image.