Event - Eco Club's Spring Activities

4 February 2019

Another great year ahead in Eco Club with members caring for the school environment, not only with visual improvements but also with the unseen tasks. Jobs throughout this year include recycling, litter picking, planting, weeding and feeding the birds.

Also, the upkeep of the bug hotel and clearing the pond in Katie's garden.

Each child gives their own time after the school day to help make improvements that benefit all pupils at St Gerard's Primary School.

They are all commended for their dedication and commitment.

Getting ready for the Big Birdwatch by filling extras feeding stations around our school with our very own handmade fat balls.
Caring for the birds both locally and the occasional visiting varieties.

Filling our school bird tables.
Keeping tidy by litter picking around the school grounds.

During our group session, we were taught a new fun way of planting called plant bombing which included using flour!
We know it is important to recycle paper to reduce waste.