Event - Effectus Theatre Company

9 March 2016

Continuing our E-Safety education in school, children from nursery, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 watched an interactive theatre performance looking at issues many children are facing today. These included social media, trolling, peer pressure, verbal abuse and physical bullying.

We also looked at how easily this can happen and how we can avoid getting involved.

The actors helped us to question some of the myths surrounding bullying, such as, is it a normal part of childhood? Does surviving it make you stronger? Is it okay to hit somebody who is bullying you? Does bullying only happen in schools? Is it still cyberbullying if you have never met the person and haven't physically hurt them?

During the show we learnt that taking part in bullying is as bad as starting it. The performance was informative and helped us to understand the different types of bullying and how we should respond.

Joseph said "If you know someone who is a bully, you must tell an adult."

Marius said "I enjoyed the actions and songs."

Millie said "They reminded me to be kind when I am playing in the playground."

Lauren said "I will tell my family or teacher, if I am bullied online."

Key Stage 1 children enjoyed the audience participation.
We were told the STOP method to
understand what bullying is.

We know to 'block' the people who are being
horrible to us online.
Key Stage 2 learnt to report any bullying to an adult.

We learnt about different types of bullying.
Now we have a better understanding of E-Safety.