Event - A Falconry Day for Mr Hird

16 June 2017

On Friday 16th June, the whole school had a very special day for Mr Hird. The children kept the 'secret' really well and came dressed in their own clothes to celebrate a Falconry Day.

The day began with Mr Hird being sent off on an adventure with the Year 5 class... birdwatching. They visited a local nature reserve and had a wonderful time identifying many different types of birds. When they returned to school a special educational workshop was being carried out and Mr Hird was brought into the hall to see some amazing birds of prey. The children learnt about how owls process sounds and how Rocky the peregrine falcon hunts for food. Next the children met a North American red tailed hawk sometimes known as a buzzard and of course, Mr Hird, as guest of honour got to hold each one!

The day of fun continued as the children all came together outside for a picnic lunch, followed by the ice-cream van! As children finished their food, they danced to the music and had great fun!

A wonderful day to celebrate the fantastic Mr Hird. Wishing him joy and happiness in his retirement.

Mr Hird bird watching at the nature reserve with Year 5.
Reception class watching the falconry display. They saw lots of different birds of prey.

A small North American kestrel called Depp, they hover to find their prey.
Year 3 meeting a male baby falcon. Males are smaller than females.

Year 4 asked questions about this North American Hawk.
Year 5 learnt that owls have big ears to help them process sounds.

This hawk will eat mice, squirrels and pigeons.
Great excitement at seeing the ice-cream van arrive.

Enjoying our ice-creams with our friends.
Hawks can kill with their very strong talons.

Year 1 munching their picnics.
The sun shone for the disco.

Mr Hird and Mrs Foley joined in the fun.