Event - Forest School

19 July 2016

Today we joined Sarah for our last Forest School session of the school year. We were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day to carry out our activities in the local area.

Sarah explained the potential dangers of making a fire and the safety rules that we must adhere to. We discussed the Stop, Drop and Roll procedure.

We learnt which materials are required to make a fire and once Sarah had lit the flint we added small sticks. Next we used long willow sticks to toast our marshmallows in the open fire.

After eating our marshmallows, Sarah informed us who had earnt the most 'good behaviour' stars over the year and two children were awarded a prize.

Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their informative year of outside activities at Forest School.

"I liked leaf printing the most" said Maria.

Miller said "playing hide and seek in the meadow was great".

"I have learnt lots about trees and loved pond dipping" said Hana.

Learning how to make fire.
We used long willow sticks collected from the local area.

We toasted the marshmallows until like melted.
Then we got to eat them.

We have really enjoyed all of the wonderful activities at Forest School.
The prize winners.