Event - Year 1 trip to Hatton Country World

31 October 2017

Year 1 had a great experience day at Hatton Country World. This visit supported our science topic of Animal and Humans and PSHE.

During the visit, we learnt about the importance of caring for animals correctly. We thought about the food and temperature that they require to be happy in their environment.

We were able to talk about different animal groups, mammals and reptiles and talk about the differences between them. We know that reptiles are cold blooded, so they need heat to keep them warm otherwise; they are not able to catch food. Year 1 learned that animals need water food and shelter. Water is the most important thing they need. We fed, touched and held many animals.

We had a fantastic and interesting day at Hatton and look forward to writing about our visit on our return to class.

Firstly, we talked about different animal groups.
We held small birds carefully.

The Guinea pigs were so soft to touch.
We had the opportunity to feed some of the animals.

We looked at different reptiles.
The snake was so long!

Having fun before it was time to return to school.