Event - Nursery Visit Hatton Country World

9 December 2016

Nursery children went to Hatton Country World to visit Santa and his reindeers. Santa asked all of the children if they had been good this year, we are happy to say they all convinced Santa they were wonderful. Each child was given a magic key to exchange for a gift in the Christmas shop.

Whilst at the farm, the we saw lots of animals and had a chance to get very close to some of them. We were very brave when they touched a snake, some of the parents were not so brave. Children used lots of words to describe the snake; slimy, cold, hard and wet.

Next we visited the birds of prey. We learnt about what they liked to eat and how they flew. We learnt that owls have one ear on the side of their heads and one under their chin. This helps them to hear their food running around underneath them.

We had the chance to feed some animals to. We fed the goats, sheep and the donkey and watched the guinea pigs eating cabbage leaves. During our trip we learnt lot about animals and looking after them. It was very exciting.

We met various animals on our visit of the farm.
We had a tour of guinea pig world.

The guinea pig fur is so soft!
We had a fantastic day at Hatton.

We sang songs to the animals.
Santa checked to see if our names were on the 'Good List.'

Meeting Santa was very exciting.
We completed our day with a visit to the adventure playground.