Event - Health Week

5 June 2017

The children have produced fantastic work during this year's health week. Health Week at St Gerard's is a whole school initiative including the nursery to raise awareness of the importance of healthy life styles.

Providers came to school to give the children a variety of experiences to enhance their understanding of health issues and how to keep safe. First aid providers gave lifesaving training to Y5 and Y6. The juniors visited Aston Villa and took part in sports activities.

The Life Education Centre visited and actively encouraged children to lead healthy styles and make good choices through lots of different tasks. On Friday 9th June, parents joined us for a congratulations assembly to share our work and new skills.

Nursery children meeting Harold in the Life Education bus.
We made fruit kebabs in nursery.

A GP visited reception class to show us the equipment a doctor will use.
We discussed what types of food are good for our bodies in Year 1.

Year 1 worked together as a team to sort food into groups.
Year 2 discussed the topic of emotional health and wrote about their feelings.

Year 3 visited Aston Villa Football Club as part of health week.
Year 4 created different sporting action figures.

Children in Year 5 made delicious vegetable muffins.
Year 5 prepared the vegetables for the muffins. Everyone enjoyed eating them!

Year 6 received important first aid training
During the Year 6 parent workshop we discussed making good choices with food and exercise.