Event - History and Geography Week

20 May 2019

We have been celebrating History and Geography week at St Gerard’s Primary School.

During an assembly on Monday, we found out the theme for our History and Geography week was about Saint Paul’s journeys. Each class focused on one of the missionary journeys that Saint Paul went on to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus.

We have been using our map skills to find out where Saint Paul travelled. We have also learnt about why Saint Paul travelled such long distances and what happened on his journeys.

On Thursday, each class shared their work during a special celebration assembly.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.", Saint Paul

We started our special week with an assembly.
Nursery leart about the sound of the letter 'J'. They made a ‘j’ for journey and coloured in a picture to show Saint Paul on his first journey.

Nursery learnt about Paul's first journey with his friend Barnabas, so we made a circle of friends to show that their friendship was special like God’s love.
Reception used a parachute to make a calm and stormy sea for Saint Paul’s second journey.

Reception pupils wrote a lovely letter from Saint Paul telling his friends what had happened to him.
Year 1 have been exploring the continents, countries and cities that St Paul travelled to.

Year 1 have been using map skills to find out where St. Paul travelled on his third missionary journey.
Improving our knowledge of the world in Year 2.

Year 2 presented their amazing history timeline during the celebration assembly.
In Year 3, we researched and shared facts about St Paul.

Year 3 children explored the first journey of St Paul.
Year 4 presented their research during assembly.

In Year 5, we improved our map reading skills, naming countries, continents and oceans.
We discovered that St Paul’s third missionary journey was over 2,700 miles during our research in Year 5.

Year 6 created a fact file about the fourth journey from Jerusalem to Rome.
Children in Year 6 discovered why St Paul’s journeys were so important to our faith.