Event - Key Stage 1 Enrichment Activities

17 May 2016

Enrichment for Key Stage one pupils began at the start of the summer term. The children were involved in a range of activities and put into mixed aged groups, depending on the choices that they made.

Multi-sport - this involved children learning football skills, throwing and catching, tennis and playing in team games. The final week saw the children learn a range of Olympic sports with the build up to Rio and they took part in javelin, discus, shot put, hammer and relays. Some fantastic sports children in the making!

French - the children spoke to each other by learning some of the basics in French, such as colours, greetings and clothes. They carried out a variety of fun activities whilst learning this new language.

Jigsaws - word jigsaws and sentences, online games and iPad activities and made their own jigsaws too, which they could take home.

Art - children covered lots of different art techniques. They painted, took part in manipulative art, tearing, folding and cutting skills and produced a variety of great art work!

Sewing - the children were taught how to do a running stitch, over cast stitch made their own bookmarks to take home! They were all so proud of their work.

Gardening - the children have all worked so well together to learn how to look after plants and have dug up all the weeds. They have brightened up our playground by planting some fantastic new plants in the flowering pots.

Birdwatching - the children each had a set of binoculars and travelled to various places of interest to try to spot as many different types of birds as they could. This time they even managed to feed a robin and some of their favourite spots were; goslings, mallards, a grey heron and a great crested grebe.

Design Technology - the children have been thinking about the environment and have been using all recycled materials to make all of their projects, including a wonderful display in school.

Playground games - the children learnt how to play together on the playground by being taught some traditional playground games. The theme of their games was linked to the Queen, thinking about games that would have been popular through different decades. They've all had such fun.

Practising football skills in the hall.
We have been learning French words.

Creating a running stitch during our sewing group.
Birdwatching in our local area.

Making animals from recycling materials.
My manipulative art work.

Traditional playground games - Piggy in the middle.
Our gardening group looked different types of seeds, named the parts of a plant and grew salad leaves to eat at home.

This is the beautiful display the children created during enrichment.