Event - KS2 Enrichment Programme

30 October 2016

During Autumn term the pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a four-week programme of Enrichment.

The choices available to the children included Gaelic Football, Bird watching, cooking, fitness, curve stitching, French and nature experience. It's a great opportunity for the children to learn new skills and to try a new experience.

Within the Gaelic Football group, children learn a traditional Irish sport which combines skills such as football, basketball, volleyball and rugby. It is a great to work as a team to gain possession and score either a goal or a point, using your hands to catch and pass or your feet to solo or kick pass.

The nature group went on a conservation walk in the local area to collect natural materials for an art project and also visited Plantsbrook Nature Reserve to go bug hunting. They were very impressed by the different types of bugs found and recorded.

The French experience involves the basics of conversation, culture, landmarks and traditional French food dishes. One of our activities was to work together to make a replica of the Eiffel Tower with paper. Children also thoroughly enjoyed the food tasting session.

During Bird Watching the children developed their observational and listening skills to help them identify different species of birds. The children used binoculars to help spot birds from a distance. They explored different and a diverse range of habitats in the local area and gained an appreciation of the world around them.

Curve stitching is a handicraft based on mathematics including shape, space, geometry and measure. It is an art of sewing beautiful mathematical patterns. Amazingly, lovely curved patterns can be created using only straight lines. The children will get to take home what they have made!

The fitness group trained hard to improve their fitness level, flexibility and stamina over the four weeks. Some weeks we used PE equipment in the school hall, and other weeks we ran in the local area.

Finally, in the cooking group children were learning how to cut, grate, blend, measure and cook. We made healthy fruit muffins, smoothies, and salad wraps. We enjoyed trying new foods and drinks.

Curve stitching group.
Examples of our finished work.

Circuit training for the Fitness group.
Timed jog to improve fitness.

French group making an Eiffel Tower.
Our finished result. Very impressive!

Nature Group collecting all sorts of natural material.
Nature Group went on a nature scavenger hunt in the conservation area.

Gaelic football group.
Match in progress.

Bird watching.
Observing local wildlife.

Making healthy salad wraps.
Baking and decorating delicious cookies.