Event - Year 3 Leaf Storm at Forest School

14 and 21 October 2016

Everyone in Year 3 attends Forest School on a Friday afternoon come rain or shine. It is a get opportunity to get experience the great outdoors by taking part in camp fires, bug hunting or making dens.

On this occasion the two groups, Badgers and Wolves took part in an 'autumn leaves' session. After learning why leaves change colour and designing their own autumn collage were given the opportunity to enjoy a 'Leaf Storm' experience.

First as a group we collected a huge pile of leaves, then each child gathered a pile in their arms and together after the count of three they threw them as high as they could into the air. With a magical effect!

Badgers gathering up the leaves.
Badgers jumping in the leaves.

3, 2, 1 Go!
Wolves waiting for the countdown.

Wolves are getting ready.
Having fun!