Event - Lent and Holy Week

7 and 16 March 2016

On Monday 7th March, the children took part in their sponsored event for Lent - using British Sign Language whist singing the Sign2Sing song. They were also tested in their classrooms on their knowledge of signing the alphabet. Everyone from Nursery to Year 6 took part. It was a fantastic success.

In addition to this, the children also took part in raising money through buying tickets for our Easter raffle and bringing in loose change for the Fr Hudson boxes. The raffle took place, with plenty of 'chocolate' winners across the school and first prize was a family ticket to The Think Tank Museum.

This year we have raised the money to support Rwanda, the Good Shepherd Appeal and Sign2Sing (supporting children and adults who are deaf). The total so far has reached £2307. A big thank you to our school community.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 performed a Palm Sunday Assembly on Wednesday 16th March with a selection of actors, musicians and singers. Parents enjoyed a lively performance of 'Come on and praise the Lord.'

During Holy Week Year 3 and Year 4 performed Stations of the Cross to the whole school. We pray during this solemn time as we join Jesus in His final hours on earth. We finished the term by celebrating our last Mass during Lent, led by Year 6 and Year 5.

Signing 'Reach out your hands' at our Lent sponsorship event..
KS1 sang 'Jesus is the Son of God' at their Palm Sunday Assembly'.

Year 1 class performing 'Let's all go and see Jesus'.
Children making their selection at the book fair.

A solo performance of 'Don't let Him go'.
Year 3 and Year 4 beautifully singing 'Were you there when they crucified my Lord?'

The children performed a prayerful service.
A selection of children from Year 2 with 100% attendance.

A small selection of chocolate raffle winners from Year 6 and Year 4.
The first prize raffle winner with a family ticket to the Think Tank Museum and an Easter egg.