Event - Creating St. Gerard's Mosaic

27 June 2017

Have you seen our wonderful new mosaic of St Gerard Magella in our school entrance area? It was designed by a professional artist, Jackie Nash and on 27th June, 2017.

Every member of our school had the opportunity to cut and fit a glass tile to complete this stunning work of art.

St Gerard, as well as being the patron saint of our school is a Redemptorist Saint and so it was very appropriate that a Redemptorist priest from the Abbey Erdington, Fr Francis Dickinson CSsR kindly visited the school on the 14th July, 2017 in order to bless our mosaic.

The following is the special blessing composed by Father Dickinson which was on the day in the presence of the School Council:

God our heavenly Father,
we gather in the name of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ,
to bless this mosaic of St Gerard.
We thank you for the dedication and skill of those who have made it,
we ask that, through it, St Gerard, our patron saint,
will look lovingly on all who enter our school,
guiding its governors, inspiring its teachers, animating its parents,
encouraging its children in their work and refreshing them in their play.
In life he had a wonderful love of you, heavenly Father,
and your Son Jesus our Saviour.
With a heart open to your Holy Spirit,
he spent his life as a Redemptorist in serving the poor,
and encouraging family values.
Grant us a heart of love and service, like his.
And so we bless this mosaic,
in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Year 1 adding a glass tile.
Year 4 needed to cut some of the coloured tiles.

Gold leaf from Italy was used to create the halo of St Gerard.
Glass tiles are used as they are very hardwearing.

We used wheel cutters to make the tiles smaller where necessary.
The artist, Jackie Nash explained how to start designing a mosaic.

St Gerard in our school entrance hall.
Fr Francis Dickinson CSsR, a Redemptorist priest, like St Gerard, came to bless our wonderful mosaic on 14 July 2017.