Event - Multi-Faith Week

20 to 24 June 2016

This week was Multi-Faith week, where all pupils had the opportunity to learn about different faiths and religions. Trips were booked and visits took place, to immerse the pupils into their learning and to discover first-hand, some of the traditions, beliefs, signs and symbols of other faiths. Each year group focused on a particular faith.

Nursery children learnt about some of the signs and symbols of a variety of different faiths and decorated these for a display.

Reception children learnt about Chinese religion and culture. They had a special visitor who spoke about China and some of the children got to dress up in the traditional dragon costume used during New Year celebrations. The children made their own Chinese lanterns and tasted some oriental food too!

Year 1 explored the theme of light across several religions. They studied the Hindu festival of Diwali and made their own menorahs after learning about the Jewish festival of Hannukah.

Year 2 learnt about Buddhism. They learnt about how during the festival of Esala Perahera, Buddhists decorate elephants. The children completed some beautiful art work by creating their own elephant designs, made lotus prayer flowers and enjoyed learning how to meditate.

Year 3 enjoyed learning about Hinduism and learnt lots about the Hindu faith when they visited the Mandir temple. They learnt that during the festival of Diwali, Hindus draw bright Rangoli patterns and place these by their front doors to encourage the goddess 'Lakshmi' to enter their homes. The children then designed their own Rangoli patterns inspired by the ones that they saw in the temple.

Year 4 explored Judaism. The children enjoyed looking at the signs and symbols associated with this religion and designed flags to represent these. They looked at how and why Hanukkah is celebrated and designed Hanukkah cards, dreidels and artwork linked to this Jewish festival. They also learnt about the harvest celebration called 'Sukkot'. They made Sukkot huts and used their art skills to carefully sketch different fruits.

Year 5 enjoyed learning about the Islamic faith. At the start of the week, the children had a special visit from a group of Year 5 children from Holy Family School. They explained some of the key beliefs in their religion, including what the five pillars of Islam are and shared some Islamic artefacts with the class, including beautifully patterned prayer mats and their holy book - the Qu'ran.

Year 5 went on to design their own Islamic patterns during Numeracy and made model Mosques to help them to understand the different parts of this place of worship.

Year 6 learnt about Sikhism. They had a visit from Davinder Flora, who shared lots facts about the Sikh faith, including the 5 Ks and even brought in some Punjabi food for the children to taste! While the children designed mendhi hand patterns, Davinder also recreated these beautiful patterns using henna ink on the children's hands. Later in the week, the children used their computing skills to design colourful mandala patterns.

In Reception we tasted spring rolls, noodles and prawn crackers as part of our work about Chinese New Year.
Year 1 made 'Lucky Fish' whilst exploring the festivals of different religions.

Year 2 Lotus flowers represent one symbol of good fortune in the Buddhism faith.
Year 3 painting rangoli patterns to welcome guests.

Year 3 had an informative visit to a Mandir temple. This is part of their classroom display.
Year 4 created art and written work relating to Judaism.

Creating beautiful mendhi patterns for the Islam festival of Eid.
Year 6 Sikhism patterns.

Year 6 Sikhism class display.
Whole school congratulations board.