Event - Music Week

29 June 2018

The whole school had a task of studying music from different decades. Every class had a different song to perform in the music assembly at the end of the week.

Nursery – The children sang a song called 'My Lighthouse,' originally released in 2014. The genre of music was Gospel/Christian.

Reception – Reception sang a song called 'Count on me' by Bruno Mars, released in 2010, which is classified as pop music.

Year 1 – Children sang a song called 'Octopus' Garden.' This was a rock song released in the late 1960's.

Year 2 – They performed a well-known song called, 'Ebony and Ivory,' which was popular in 1982. Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder released the song.

Year 3 – Sang 'Mr Blue Sky', the oldest of all the songs, as it was released in 1959. It was originally a pop song by Fleetwood Mac.

Year 4 – Pupils sang 'Reach for the Stars' which was a pop song released in 2000 by S Club 7.

Year 5 – Children sang the well-known song 'I'm a believer' by the Monkees, The song was released in 1967 and the genre is pop.

Year 6 – Children in Year 6 had a battle of the bands between the boys and girls. The boys battle song was a Backstreet Boys song, 'I want it that way', it was released in 1999. The genre was Contemporary R&B. Then the girls concentrated on the Spice Girls music and their battle song was called 'Wannabe'. The song was the first hit for this band, released in 1996 and the genre was pop.

by Cole, Tyannah and Nataniel

Nursery children singing 'My Lighthouse.'
Reception class singing, 'Count on me.'

Year 1 sang 'Octopus' Garden.'
'Ebony and Ivory' sang by Year 2.

Year 3 sang 'Mr Blue Sky.'
'Reach' by Year 4.

Year 5 sang 'I'm a believer.'
Boys from Year 6 entertained us with 'I want it that way.'

The girls from Year 6 sang 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls.
Our music teacher, Mr Sullivan and his band played many different types of music.

Dancing to the beat!
Mr Sullivan and his band.