Event - Music Week

28 January 2019

Music Week gives all the children, from Nursery to Year 6, a chance to immerse themselves fully in all aspects of Music.

The focus this year was 'Music tells a story', and each class has explored how music can affect our emotions. There has been a wide variety of activities this week- reflecting on how music makes us feel, analysing soundtracks, composing and performing, drawing in response to music, adding sound effects to poems and stories.

Jeanne Jones, a renowned soprano who has performed in many countries across the world, also visited us. She started her performance by singing an aria from the opera, Marriage of Figaro. The song is set in a garden at night, where the character Suzanne sings about wanting to marry her boyfriend, Figaro.

We were delighted that we had the opportunity to experience this style of music and we were spellbound by her performance. The week ended with an assembly, which gave each class the opportunity to perform a piece of music of their choice to the rest of the school.

The week started with a whole school assembly.
Jeanne Jones sang from the opera, Marriage of Figaro and the song Ava Maria.

Nursery followed a music pattern to perform The Dance of the Dinosaurs.
Mr Sullivan joined Nursery children for a music lesson.

Reception explored the Dance of the Knight from Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev.
During PE Year 1, pupils used movements to show emotions through classical music.

Pupils in Year 2 have retold well-known stories using music.
Year 3 wrote and performed their own composition titled 'The Jungle.'

Children from Year 4 played recorders to recreate 'Ode to Joy' by Beethoven.
Year 5 performed a poem called 'A stranger called this morning.'

A great rendition of 'Don't worry, be happy' by Bob McFerrin from Year 6.
Year 6 played instruments for their performance.

Some classes used art to interpret music.