Event - Nursery Phonics Workshop

17 January 2020

Nursery invited a member of their family to join them in a Phonics lesson and workshop. The lesson gave parents the opportunity to see how we begin to tune into the sounds that letters make, in a fun and interactive way. As well as how we develop the ability to hear the separated sounds in words and ‘blend’ them back into one single word.

In the workshop, we were able to show our families how to play a wide variety of games and activities all designed to develop the key skills for early reading.

What a wonderful morning! Thank you to all who attended and for your positive feedback about the things you enjoyed and how you plan to use the ideas to help to support your children at home.

  • "It was great to work together in the classroom."
  • "It showed me how to make it fun and I know I can use some of these methods at home."
  • "It was really informative and taught me new techniques to help at home."
  • "Today really gave me an insight into how well he can engage in his learning."
  • "It was fun as I could see the excitement on their faces while they carried out different tasks."
  • "She understood how to play all of the games and wanted to show me."