Event - Olympics Day

9 July 2021

On Friday 9th July, the whole school took part in Olympics Day. Each class was assigned a country to research and they came into school wearing their countries colours.

For the first part of the day, Nursery (USA) and Reception (Great Britain) took part in Olympic sports. Nursery enjoyed various Athletics activities and Reception took part in tri-golf. Whilst these two classes were getting active, KS1 created flags and Olympic torches for their countries. Then, Year 1 (China) participated in Volleyball and Year 2 (Kenya) thoroughly enjoyed Archery.

In the afternoon, it was KS2's turn to become Olympic Athletes. Year 3 (Germany) walked out to the playground waving their Germany flags proudly and took part in the sport Handball. Year 4 (Japan) were sadly isolating but took part in various activities at home!

After this, Year 5 (France) and Year 6 (Australia) came out singing their national anthems! Year 5 played games of Hockey and Year 6 took part in Tennis.

Overall, this day has encouraged children in our school to become more active and excited for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

"Don’t dream of winning, train for it." Mo Farah