Event - Palm Sunday Assembly

5 April 2017

Palm Sunday is the first Day of Holy Week.

The Key Stage 1 and Reception children retold Jesus' triumphant journey to Jerusalem riding on a donkey. People were so happy to see Jesus and knew that he was very important, so they took branches from the palm trees that lined the road. The crowds waved the branches in the air and put some on the road to make it easier for the donkey to walk on the rocky road. This is why we have palms on Palm Sunday to signify this.

The children sang and acted out these events during the assembly in preparation for Holy Week.

Thank you to all the family members who joined us to watch the assembly.

Year 1 children.
Reception and Year 2.

The actors from Year 2.
The musicians.

Jesus and his disciples on their journey.
Waving palm leaves.

People were excited to see Jesus.
Hooray for Jesus!

A round of applause.