Event - Image Theatre presents 'Pinocchio'

8 February 2019

'Bringing a story to life is the best way to encourage our children to read.'

Today, we received a visit from Image Theatre who performed our very own version of the traditional tale, Pinocchio.

When Geppetto carves Pinocchio, something magical begins to happen. As the puppet takes shape it gradually comes to life, learns to walk and talk, and takes on all the qualities of a mischievous little boy. Pinocchio may be disobedient but he is also inquisitive and brave and has the most amazing adventures. Finally, he earns the prize he most desires – to become a real live boy.

Firstly, our rehearsal consisted of some children being lucky enough to have the opportunity of performing alongside these professional actors. The rest of the audience learnt the choruses of four songs. This culminated in a wonderful production.

We all enjoyed our morning where everyone actively participated in this modern day version of Pinocchio.

Joseph remarked, "I enjoyed learning the actions to the songs."

"The story reminded us that even if we tell a small lie, it can get bigger and bigger," said Emma.