Event - National Poetry Day

28 September 2017

Today is National Poetry Day, it is an annual celebration that inspires people throughout the UK to enjoy, discover and share poems.

During this week all classes have been working on performing and creating poetry. Years 1 to 6 have all written poetry about freedom inspired by the work of different poets and different writing styles.

On Thursday afternoon, Years 1 to 6 met together to share their performances during assembly, even Mrs Kissun and Mrs Nichols shared a poem by Roald Dahl. Also, Mrs Buck shared a poem her Nana had taught her when she was a tiny girl.

Year 1 performed a poem called Little Rabbit Foo Foo.
Freedom Come recited by Year 5.

Year 3 learnt Waves by Jackie Kay.
Year 4 sang Sea Timeless Song by Grace Nichols.

Year 2 used actions to the poem Cats Sleep Anywhere by Eleanor Farjeon.
Year 6 performed The ABC by Spike Milligan.