Event - Retreat Day

6 January 2016

Today we had a special retreat- this is something which means that we stop what we would normally do. This was led by Dan Callow and Emily Clark and we were joined by Fr Soji, our parish priest and our music teacher Miss Cooper for the day. The focus of the retreat was to 'Let his Glory Shine' and to think about our jubilee for 'The Year of Mercy'. The day was a mixture of fun, new learning and interacting with children from other year groups.

The children shared with their teachers 'who lights our way', 'people from the bible' and 'how to show forgiveness during the Year of Mercy', with some fantastic answers given by all year groups including our nursery pupils. We learnt new songs, shared stories, wrote prayers, designed 'light' pictures and made stars. All of this was celebrated during a special prayer service at the end of the day, where children read some of the prayers that were written and brought up their work.

The key message from today was that we need to shine our light on Jesus and show how much we love him all of the time - today, tomorrow and forever. Thank you to Dan and Emily and all of the children and staff for making this such a wonderful day.

Reception class writing their 'Shiny Star Prayers.'
In Year1 have made posters to show our guiding lights.

In Year 2 Miss Cooper helped us learn a
Year of Mercy song.
Year 3 wrote prayers and reflected on how we can
be a light to others.

Year 4 singing 'Bigger than a mountain' with Dan.
Year 5 sharing answers to the questions with
their class teacher.

Year 6 turn their mercy promises into a star.
Emily taught us a new song called 'Lord have
mercy on me.'

Discussing our ideas – 'Who lights our way?'
Fr Soji giving a final blessing at the prayer service.

Children from nursery to Year 6 reading out
their prayers.
All of the children's work for the day offered during our prayer service.