Event - Retreat Day: We Will Go Out!

9 November 2016

In our whole school retreat today, we found out about learning that God loves us and spreading that word in everything that we do throughout our lives.

The first task of the day was to pray together through song, looking at images on the screen and reflecting on the leaders of the church and their mission. We then had a special video message from the Archbishop to help us with our retreat and giving us guidance on following Jesus.

Looking at the screen again, we played a game, viewing a range of images where each class had to report to their teacher who they saw and what they were doing. Lots of fantastic answers were shared and the teachers had to record all the information in their special class booklet.

Next we had to work out the link between all of the variety of images - we are all disciples and followers of Jesus. We all have a different mission and vocation, as we have all been given different gifts. It helped us to understand the importance of receiving a calling by God to carry out our vocation, which was the perfect link during our Vocations week in school.

After the children carried out class based activities, all of their work was collected together and put into their Discipleship booklet, which were offered as gifts during our liturgy at the end of the day.

We had a wonderful celebration of discipleship and reflected on the gifts that God had given us in sharing his word. A huge thank you to Dan Callow and Emily Clarke for leading us in our spiritual retreat.

We started the day by learning a new song.
A special message from Archbishop Bernard. "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."

The Who? What? Why? Game.
All the pictures show people helping others and doing good things for God.

We are all disciples. God asks us all to do different things with our gifts.
A display of our work in Nursery.

Dan joined Reception class.
Year 1 enthusiastically singing our Alleluia song with Dan.

In Year 2 we created our footprint to follow Jesus.
Year 3 enjoyed a day of celebration.

In Year 4 we drew around our own footprint.
Year 5 decorating their work to be shared at home.

Dan and Emily join Year 6.
At the end of the day we shared our work together.

Whole school celebrating Mass together.
A celebration of our work at the end of a spiritual day.