Event - 'A Heart That Sees' Retreat Day

28 March 2018

This morning, Dan and Emily led our whole school assembly with a wonderful mix of songs, prayers and Gospel readings.

Emily explained that we have been on a long journey together, which will end on Easter Sunday. We enjoyed the opportunity to share our ideas about how we could help those who are in need as Jesus asks us to share love and joy with our neighbours.

During open prayer, we viewed a collection of photographs with people holding a heart cushion. Dan made us laugh when he said he required magic heart sunglasses to be able the see with his heart. We know that the sunglasses are unnecessary because we can see with our heart anytime when we help others.

Each class created 'heart' artwork, which they presented at the end of the day during a prayer service led by the Spiritual Council.

We have experienced the blessings of walking through this week, in the Lord's time and in our own lives. We experience the blessings of the stillness and reflection that followed the Lord's death on the Cross. We wait for the blessings that can only be experienced by sharing in Christ's suffering and death. Amen.

We learnt a new song called 'Meet Me Here.'
We shared out ideas about how we could help others.

We know that Jesus asks us to do more for other people at this important time of year.
Do we really need special glasses?

We sang 'What Pleases God.'
'A Heart That Sees.'

Spiritual Council helped to lead the prayer service.
A collection of our work completed today.