Event - Robin Hood the Musical

9 February 2018

Robin Hood is on a mission, but the wicked 'Sheriff of Nottingham' is desperate to stop him, why?

We thoroughly enjoyed watching a musical performance of Robin Hood. Robin and his band of swashbuckling, merry team rob the rich to feed the poor. Along the way, they undertook quests and went on many adventures to stop the sheriff's dastardly plan.

We sang along to the songs and cheered Robin Hood as he succeeded on his quests. Some children had the opportunity to perform with the professional actors.

The children were both active and curious as they eagerly participated in this modern interpretation of the story of Robin Hood.

"I thought parts of the play were really funny," said Kylah.

Madison said, "It was very exciting when Robin proposed to Maid Marian."

Firstly, we started to learn new songs.
Robin Hood stole a bag of coins to give to the poor.

The sheriff's guards competed in an archery contest.
Robin Hood was sent to the dungeon.

Maid Marian accepts the marriage proposal.
Robin Hood is the best archer!

Robin Hood overcomes the evil sheriff.
Well done to all the children that helped in the performance.