Event - Safer Internet Day

7 February 2017

The children have been taking part in Safer Internet Day. The theme this year is 'Be the change: Unite for a better internet'. We have been finding out how we can use technology positively and talking about what we should do if we feel unsure about something online.

Throughout the day each class undertook different activities for example, in Year 1 the children talked about how to keep safe on the internet, they know what to if they feel uncomfortable about what they see online, also they thought about who could help them if they needed to talk to someone. The children watched a video on how to stay safe online and created a display with people who could help them if they were concerned.

Whereas, in Year 5 they focussed on Spam. They learnt that it was internet junk mail, we thought about the risks associated and discussed what to do if we ever received spam. We then worked in groups to create a song, rap or poem to make others aware of the risks linked with spam.

At the end of the day the children took part in a whole school assembly where they shared their work with the rest of the school.

Nursery learnt about 'Smarite' the Pengiun.
Reception have been thinking about how to keep safe online.

Year 1 have created a display of their work.
Year 2 created posters.

Year 3 presented a role play about how reliable information sources are found on the internet.
Year 4 classroom display 'Unite for a better internet' considered cyber bullying.

Year 5 wrote an internet rap song.
Year 6 worked in pairs to consider the dangers of posting embarrassing photographs of ourselves on social media.

Digital leaders from Year 5 and6 during assembly.
We ended the day with a whole school assembly to share our work.